Hiring a guard during an emergency

Security emergencies can happen when we least expect them to. That's why we are on call 24/7 365 days a year to quickly and efficiently respond to your security emergency. We are experienced with dispatching officers in response to roberies, threats to employees or property, shootings, alarm system failures, no show guards, natural disasters and many more.

Call our dispatch line anytime day or night and let our on call dispatch team resolve your situation. We will request details about your emergency and quickly dispatch a fully trained and licensed emergency guard to your location. We will verify that the guard is on site, and that the guard is performing up to our high standards.

We have a strong national network of guards across the entire country and in Puerto Rico. The size of our network give us the advantage of having a large pool of guards to choose from. Other companies will run out of guards when emergencies occur, but our network allows us to have more available guards for when you need them most.

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